Dear Parents and Carers,

We are working hard to improve attendance and punctuality as poor attendance and punctuality affect children’s personal, social and academic skills.

We expect all children to arrive on time at 8.40am and attend school every day.

Children only have 190 school days in a school year and there is clear evidence that there is a link between poor school attendance/punctuality and low levels of achievement. We expect all individual pupils to achieve at least 95% attendance.

We want to make sure that it is everyone’s responsibility to encourage good attendance, so we will be keeping you much more informed about how you can support this. In our attendance leaflet you will find:

  • Key information about key timings, processes and procedures.
  • Information about our attendance team
  • Information about our current incentive to promote good attendance

Attendance Leaflet


We would also like to say a big welcome to Alysha Mitchell, our full time attendance officer, who knows our school and families very well and is well qualified to support us all.

If you would like to request an absence during term time, please fill in the absence request form below a month prior to the absence.

Absence Requests



Attendance Newsletters

‘If I am not in school I am not learning’
Sophia - Year 2
‘We need to be in school on time because lessons start straight away’
Hunter - Year 1
‘You can come to school on your birthday - you get to wear your own clothes as a treat’
Charlotte - Year 1
‘If I am not in school I miss my friends and they miss me’
Kady - Year 1

Seymour Primary School are part of TKAT (The Kemnal Academies Trust). You can find out more about TKAT by visiting and you can follow them on Twitter @TKATAcademies.