Spelling Leaders

The Spelling leaders have been running since last Summer term and have already had a big impact on spelling at Seymour. They represent their class at meetings, make decisions on spelling activities being taught and encouraging their peers to love spelling.

  • Help create enthusiasm for spelling
  • Make sure that spelling is being done everyday
  • Come up with exciting new games and activities
  • Share ways on improving spelling across the school
  • Support your teacher in showing the other children in your class how to complete the activities in your lessons

The spelling leaders have already come up with a range of new spelling games and activities that the children and staff love. They are in the process of promoting spelling visually around the school and are excited to be launching a competition in school and across other schools.

Seymour Primary School are part of TKAT (The Kemnal Academies Trust). You can find out more about TKAT by visiting www.tkat.org and you can follow them on Twitter @TKATAcademies.