At Seymour Primary School our PSHE curriculum is designed to ensure children are able to develop into the most social, emotional, moral, spiritual and resilient young people they can be to take into adulthood. We aim to engage learners whilst giving them the skills and understanding to know who they are and how they fit into the world they live in; have respect for similarity and difference; knowledge of anti-bullying and being unique; the ability to identify their aspirations and how they can achieve them; being and keeping healthy and safe; building positive, healthy relationships, and coping positively with change. At Seymour we encourage children to have curiosity to find out more, and to develop the courage to voice their informed views and opinions. Our challenging curriculum embeds our school value of compassion by teaching the children to understand other people’s viewpoints and to have respect towards one another. We aim for all children to leave Seymour Primary School equipped to navigate our complex world and make positive choices in society.


How is this subject taught:

Jigsaw PSHE programme is used to teach PSHE at Seymour. The rationale and philosophy underpinning Jigsaw resources is a mindfulness philosophy and practice. 

Each lesson has 6 parts where children:

  • Improve their social skills to better enable collaborative learning (Connect us)
  • Relax their bodies and calm their minds to prepare them for learning (Calm me)
  • Help the brain to focus on specific learning intentions (Open my mind)
  • Initiate new learning (Tell me or show me)
  • Facilitate learning activities to reinforce the new learning (Let me learn)
  • Support them in reflecting on their learning and personal development (Help me reflect)


PSHE Curriculum Map – Overview 2023-24


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