Attendance and Punctuality

The School Day

Reception and Year 1 to 6 pupils – 8.50 am to 3.05 pm

At Seymour we expect all children to arrive on time at 8.50am and to attend school every day. Children only have 190 school days in a school year and there is clear evidence that there is a link between poor school attendance/punctuality and low levels of achievement. We expect all individual pupils to achieve at least 97% attendance.

Parent/carers have a responsibility to notify the school on the first day of absence before 8.50am. A reason for absence must be provided and an expected return date. This should be followed up with a written explanation and appropriate evidence handed to the school office i.e. an appointment letter, a doctor’s note, a copy of a prescription or a label of medication.

  • Attendance and Absences

Unauthorised absence means the school is not satisfied with the reason of absence provided. Unauthorised absences would include time off for birthday treats, family days out, holidays etc. A record is kept of each child’s attendance.  Each time there is an unauthorised absence, a letter is sent to the parent from the school and the Educational Welfare Officer is informed. If there is a cause for concern about unauthorised absences and/or lateness the school will refer to the Education Welfare Officer. If absences continue then in most circumstances each liable parent/carer will receive a formal warning which will lead to a Fixed Penalty Notice of £60 being issued or further action being taken if the absenteeism persists.

  • Holidays & Leave of Absence

There is no legal entitlement to holidays or leave of absence during term time. We do not authorise holidays taken during term time. A leave of absence can only be authorised in exceptional circumstances. Holidays are not deemed to be exceptional circumstances and therefore will not be authorised.  If a parent wishes to request a Leave of Absence then a formal request must be made in writing stating the dates of the absence and giving details of the exceptional circumstances which they feel warrant the request. A form for this purpose is available from the school office and any requests must be made in advance of the absence.

  • Lateness

Being on time is crucial since daily lessons starts immediately. Children who arrive late can feel embarrassed, left out and miss out on important introductions to lessons. The late arrival of children also disrupts the learning of others. If parents experience difficulties in getting to school on time please make an appointment to speak to a member of staff about it as we might be able to help.

  • Nursery

Whilst we recognise that Nursery children are younger and sometimes more susceptible to illness the same procedures exist. We expect children to have formed excellent habits by the time they enter Reception. All the above procedures are put in place for all our children whether they are of statutory school age or younger. If you have a child in the Nursery who is ill we still expect you to call us to give a reason and let us know an expected day of return. Our places are limited and our nursery provision is excellent but only if your child attends regularly can we truly help them get off to a flying start.

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