At Seymour Primary School, pupils are encouraged to be curious about the world and show courage when sharing their ideas and opinions. They will be taught knowledge of their local area and where they sit in the world as well as wider geographical skills and concepts. By the time they leave Year 6, pupils will have a clear understanding of their place in the world and know how their actions can impact the globe, showing compassion and understanding of the changing world and the impact of humans. 

How is this subject taught:

At Seymour, we follow three core themes through the teaching and progression of Geography. The three themes are: ‘Where on Earth?’ with a focus on specific areas for each year group, ‘What would life be like without humans?’ with a focus on the physical geography of the world and  ‘Can we save the planet?’ with a focus on the environment and the impact of humans on the wider world.


Geography Curriculum Map – Overview 2023-24

Knowledge Organisers –

Where on Earth? 

Earth without Humans 

Our Environment 


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