Governors Overview 2018

Seymour Primary School Local Governing Body - Overview

Seymour Primary School is an academy as part of The Kemnal Academies Trust (TKAT). 

TKAT is a multi-academy trust which was established on 1st September 2010.  Its constitution is set out in the Articles of Association and this is shared with individual academies via the Scheme of Delegation.  TKAT have, through the Scheme of Delegation, established Local Governing Bodies for each of the Academies.

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The Local Governing Body of each of the Academies is responsible for fulfilling the strategic and operational governance role in the conduct of the Academy.

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Seymour Primary School  Local Governing Body (LGB)

Mission Statement

To support and challenge the school to achieve an education that will raise standards for our community of learners, aligned with the school’s four  core values of Aspiration, Responsibility, Respect and Resilience. 


We currently have 7 governors:

  • 1 Headteacher
  • 3 staff governors
  • 1 parent governors
  • 3 appointed governors

Chair of Governors:                Gail Botting, an appointed governor Co-chair

                                                Nadiya Khan a parent governor        Co-chair

Vice-Chair of Governors:       Vacancy

Please see for details or our current and recent LGB members.  If you wish to contact governors, please do so via the school contact details.


There is one meeting of the full Local Governing Body each academic year.  In addition to this, there are two committees who have delegated responsibility laid out in their terms of reference who meet termly:

Curriculum   Achievement and Standards

This committee has the responsibility for monitoring, reviewing, and reporting on all matters concerned with raising standards and improving the quality of teaching and learning in the school.

Leadership and Management

This committee has responsibility for  monitoring the leadership and management of the school in conjunction with and having due regard to the Kemnal Academies Trust and their Scheme of Delegation.

There is also a Pay Committee which has fully delegated powers to make a decisions within the pay policy, and a discipline committee that convenes when necessary.


Governors’ Impact Statement – School Year 2017/18



The school has secured strong leadership. The Executive Head changed in January and we lost an Assistant Head (through their own promotion) at the same time. The chair of governors changed in January. In discussions with the current Executive Head, the governors have agreed and support the current leadership structure of Neil Small as Executive Head, Carol Collins as Deputy, Sam Butler and Emma Eardley as Assistant Heads. One member of the teaching team, Jen Warr, has joined SMT and wider leadership is being developed through mentoring and coaching.

Part of our succession planning has been in ensuring that there is wider capacity in governors and in the leadership team. The governors have been working with Neil Small on this, increasing our all-round knowledge of the school and increasingly holding leaders to account.

Leadership in the school has improved greatly. In end of year ‘impact interviews’ leaders knew strengths and weaknesses of the whole school and were very aware of the next steps to take. The vision for the school has sharpened and is ambitious. As governors we have been impressed, heartened and are very hopeful for the coming year. The leadership in the school is doing an outstanding job.

Trust Support

TKAT have helped to secure the leadership that the school needs and, although Neil Small is an Executive Head, they have backed us keeping the rest of leadership team familiar.

TKAT have helped broker support from a Senior Leader of Education (SLE) for writing and a different SLE is working with the school for reading. Several of our leadership team are involved in National Professional Qualifications and we have accessed courses on the curriculum, safeguarding and leadership through the TKAT Teaching School.

Governor scrutiny

From data provided to them, Governors were able to see that staff are aiming high by the increase in the expectations of progress and achievements set for all year groups. Governors were pleased to note the impact of the phonics training in the increase in children reaching the expected standard for Year 1. Early Years continues to be a strength of the school and, in a visit with a governor, our Early Years lead (Liz Mellor) spoke of her experience and training in being a locality moderator and how that has successfully fed in to her Early years practice.

Teaching and Learning

There is a very direct relationship between the quality of teaching and the learning of children. Governors receive regular updates about the percentage of teaching that is ‘Outstanding’, ‘Good’, ‘Needs Improvement’ or ‘Inadequate’. It is important that all teaching be at least Good but, at the start of the year, some teaching fell below this level. Governors challenged the leadership about what they were doing to change this situation and monitored the impact of the leadership’s actions. Governors also sought to ensure that not only was all teaching consistently Good, but that a good percentage of it was Outstanding. The school’s actions meant that, by the end of the year, both the amount of good and outstanding teaching had increased.

Progress and Attainment

Throughout the year governors are provided with data indicating the progress and attainment made by Year Groups in reading, writing and maths. We have questioned the school leadership about this data at regular intervals during the year to find out why some Year Groups’ attainment was below the level we would expect and what actions were being taken to address the situation. We then monitored the impact of those actions. By the end of the school year general progress in most Year Groups met the targets set in September 2017.

Governors have used the above data to regularly challenge the leadership as to what they are doing for specific groups of children – i.e. SEND (Special Educational Needs), Disadvantaged, those for whom English is not their first language, and “higher learners (more able)”. In line with the school’s ethos of “aiming high”, governors spent part of a meeting focused on those children identified as “higher learners”. Whilst such children may start the school year in this category, the challenge for teachers is to keep them sufficiently stretched to ensure that they continue their development at the same level.


One of the areas that the last Ofsted report identified for improvement was the broader curriculum – i.e. subjects other than reading, writing and maths. Work on the new curriculum began in the 2016/17 school year, but was not fully implemented until this September where Governors saw the presentation given to both Seymour and The Mill as part of the drive on curriculum.


Like most schools, Seymour faced considerable financial challenges during the school year, with increased demands on a budget that did not increase to the same extent. Governors worked with the Executive Head and wider leadership team to support a needed restructure of the Learning Support Assistants, taking their role to encompass lunchtimes whilst ensuring that the quality of provision did not adversely effect children’s outcomes. Governors have reviewed expenditure over the year and are pleased to report that as a result of the restructuring the school has met the requirements set by the Finance team at TKAT, so keeping within the budget.


As mentioned above, governors regularly review the progress and attainments of “disadvantaged” children compared to non-disadvantaged pupils. The government recognises that, due to a variety of reasons, this group perform less well than non-disadvantaged children and provide specific funding for the school to help them. Governors need to monitor how the school spends this money and what is the impact. We have done this both via regular reviews in meetings of data showing the progress and attainment of both groups of children, and by a specific governor visit and are pleased to report that, in the majority of Year Groups, the gap between these two groups has narrowed.


In summary, the last twelve months have not been without challenge for the school and there is still much to do at Seymour, but we believe that the school can be proud of its progress during the 2017/18 academic year.


Seymour Governors

September 2018   

Composition of Local Governing Bodies (LGBs)

The Scheme of Delegation deliberately does not prescribe the composition of LGBs.  This is to allow flexibility, particularly where LGBs are federated.

Therefore, although the Board of Trustees reserves the right to determine the composition of LGBs, in practice an LGB is free to determine its own composition to ensure that it is able to carry out the core delegated functions. 

Most Governing Bodies in TKAT are composed of:  2 parents, 2 Staff, the Headteacher and appointed Governors as appropriate. 


Parents Governors are ideally parents of children currently in school (elected by a ballot of current parents), where this is not possible somebody who is a parent of child in the school or is the parent of a child in another school could be appointed.  There should be a minimum of 2 parents on each LGB.  Parents who would be eligible to stand as a staff governor at the school, or are an elected councillor are not eligible to stand as a parent governor.


It is good practice to have one member of the teaching staff and one member of the support staff on the LGB  (elected by the staff).  Governors who are employed by the Academy or by TKAT generally should not be Chair or Vice Chair of the LGB, or of individual committees, other than in exceptional circumstances.  Staff should not total more than one third of the total of governors.

The Headteacher can choose whether they sit on the Governing Body as a voting member or in a non-voting advisory capacity.


Appointed Governors is a catchall phrase for all other governors, including what used to be called community Governors.  Whilst the Board of Trustees reserves the right to appoint these Governors directly in practice this is usually left to the LGB.  Once the size and composition of the Governing Body is determined there is no scope to co-opt further Governors (but it can include others on the LGB as advisors in a non-voting capacity).  The Appointed Governors should form a majority.

Structure and Composition

Where an LGB serves more than one school there is the flexibility to determine a composition according to the needs of the school.  Possible models include:

  • Separate Governing Bodies for each school, with individual Governors serving on more than one LGB
  • A single LGB for all of the schools
  • An executive committee serving all the schools and sub-committees for each of the schools

The agreed composition of the LGB needs to be recorded and publicised on the school website, with changes to composition and membership recorded within the minutes of relevant meetings.   

D Linsell

January 2017


Seymour Primary School

Part of The Kemnal Academies Trust


  1. The names of the Academy governed by this Local Governing Body is Seymour Primary School


  1. The name of the Local Governing Body (LGB) is The Local Governing Body of Seymour primary School.


  1. The Local Governing Body shall be constituted of up to 10 Governors.


Class of Governor


Headteacher (ex-officio)














  1. The Term of Office for each class of Governor shall be in accordance with the Scheme of Delegation of the LGB as granted by the Directors of The Kemnal Academies Trust.


  1. This Constitution is made by The Kemnal Academies Trust and The Local Governing Body of Seymour Primary School effective from 01.05.18


On behalf of TKAT

Karen Roberts


On behalf of the LGB

Obed Amoah

Chair of Governors