School Closure

Making the decision to close the school

All schools aim to keep open wherever possible and appreciate that school closure can cause inconvenience for parents. The responsibility for making the decision to close the school because of adverse weather conditions or any other emergency such as loss of utilities is ultimately the Headteacher’s in consultation with the Chair of Governors.

This decision will be based on:


Whether enough staff can get into school to open it safely for children. Many staff travel a distance to school and in adverse weather conditions they may not be able to make the journey safely.If not enough staff are able to get into school, the Headteacher will decide that school has to close.


Whether the school site is safe, or can be made safe, for children. Whether emergency procedures e.g. Fire evacuation, can be safely be carried out. Whether the roads leading to school are safe. If the school site or footpaths and roads leading to school are not safe, the Headteacher will decide that school has to close.

The situation may be different for neighbouring schools.

- Some schools may have enough staff that live within walking distance.

- Some schools may be on a main road that gets cleared whilst some may be on side roads.

Getting the message that school is closed to parents

Schools will get the message to parents in the following ways:

Text via “Parentmail” sending out a ‘School is closed today’ messageSchool website will announce that school is closed (www.seymour-tkat.org). Radio announcements on BBC Radio Sussex (104 - 104.5 fm)West Sussex Grid for Learning web site (www.wsgfl.org.uk) Message on school answering machine Message on school gates

Please note it will not be possible for the school to return individual calls to parents due the high volumes of calls received.

Parentmail, the school website and local radio are the preferred and most effective means of keeping parents up to date regarding the closure period.

Opening school after it has been closed

Schools will try to open as soon as possible after a closure. The Headteacher, in consultation with the Chair of Governors, will make the decision based on staffing and safety considerations.

Details of the re-opening will be made via Parentmail, school website, West Sussex website & school answering machine.