Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my child is absent from school?

Please contact the school office on 01293 533198 or email to report the absence.

Where do I drop off & collect my child?

Children line up ready for the start of the school day on the playground. Children should not arrive at school before 8.30am. Members of staff are outside on duty from 8.40am.

At the end of the day children are dismissed from class by a member of staff from their external classroom doors.

What happens if I am late collecting my Child?

If parents are detained and will be late to collect their child please contact the school office on 01293 533198 or email.

Children will be brought from class to wait in the foyer.

How can I get more involved with school life?

The Friends of Seymour School (FOSS) welcome all parents to join them and get involved in a range of activities and fund raising events. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each half term in the BASE.

If you are interested in helping in school please contact Carol Collins, the Deputy Headteacher. All volunteers are subject to a criminal records check before working in school.

How does the school manage behaviour?

The school has a comprehensive policy for managing behaviour based on a system of rewards and sanctions. 

Please click here to read our Behaviours overview for parents.

How can I help support my child's learning at home?

  • Keep in touch with the topics your child is learning each term so that you can talk to them about it. Details of the topics can be found in the curriculum section of the website and on first newsletter of each term.
  • Help them find time and space to undertake their homework. Homework tends to focus on regular reading, learning spellings and multiplication tables. Homework should form a regular part of a child’s routine – a little and often approach has been found to be most beneficial.
  • Further information can be found here:

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