Our Curriculum

Children at Seymour follow a broad and varied curriculum which is carefully balanced against pupil needs ensuring that the key life skills of Literacy and Mathematics are central. We dedicate all morning lessons to the teaching of core subjects and ensure that key life skills continue to be taught across our range of foundation subjects. Key Stage 1 follow a 1 year topic cycle and Key Stage 2 follow a 2 year topic cycle. This equips children with a range of progressive knowledge, skills and understanding to give them a deeper understanding of the world in which they live.


Reading is a key priority at Seymour, with an expectation that children will read daily in school and regularly at home most evenings for practise and pleasure.

Our younger readers follow the “Read Write Inc” (RWI) scheme when learning to read. This scheme places an emphasis on developing a strong understanding of synthetic phonics as well as reading for meaning, so children quickly develop understanding of texts alongside their ability to decode words. Once children have progressed beyond the RWI scheme, daily reading continues in school through focused reading opportunities. The Accelerated Reader programme is also used from Year 3 onwards to encourage children with reading at home and support them to further develop their comprehension skills.


At Seymour, we encourage creativity at all levels of our writing, linking themes to our year group topics wherever possible. Children learn to write in a variety of styles for a range of purposes. We use the “Seymour Sequence for Writing” which ensures a systematic approach to the teaching of writing. The sequence focuses on developing children’s spoken language as the basis for the development of written language, enabling them to develop their “writer’s voice”.


The ability to calculate, problem solve and reason about Number and other areas of Maths such as Space, Shape and Measure is a key life skill  and our curriculum ensures that Maths teaching is focused on developing a sound understanding of mathematical concepts and is linked to real life and problem solving situations. The Maths curriculum at Seymour is supported by the use of Numicon & Cuisenaire apparatus which enables children to develop their mathematical understanding using physical apparatus, models & images before progressing to more abstract understanding. In addition to daily maths lessons, we encourage the development of mathematical thinking and mental calculation through “Magic Maths.”


Whilst Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic Education (PSHCE) is not a statutory subject, it forms a key part of the Seymour curriculum and is taught through dedicated PSHCE topics. PSHE has significant status within our school as it underpins our 4 school values, upholds the core values of British Society and helps prepare them with the values, attitudes and skills that they will need to gain employment and to achieve wider fulfilment in life.

Please see our Curriculum Framework documents below: