Each year we gather a new group of Play leaders from among our Year 5 and 6 children. Every lunchtime they are out and about on the playgrounds making sure that everyone knows how to play with the play equipment properly and teaching others new games. On a Monday night they meet after school to discuss the week and to practice some of the games that they will teach children on the playground over the next few days. They work hard at making sure the games are interesting, fun and appropriate for the age of the children they are supporting. Our Play Leaders make lunch times much more exciting!

This years Play Leaders are:

Kelniah L'Enclume, Lily-Rose Paine, Mathieu Furcy, Laura Oliveira, Steven White, Guilherme Goncalves, Tatiana Perrera, Labiba Shahid , Aisha Bass Makere, Dareille Wumpy Sampy , Layla Ghalghal, Bracken Cumming , Katy Green, Alanna Francis Dwan, Olivia Sasiadek